It all started in 2009 when George & Chris (The Authors) were joking about George’s head, which he called his “Big Rock Head” or sometimes his “Easter Island Head.”

Then Chris got George a silly Christmas present: a set of 4 small replicas of the Moai statues that stand on Easter Island in the remote Polynesian Pacific.

George, being George, started creating short dialog between the little heads, witty exchanges and unlikely bons mots. Chris, being Chris, would sometimes decorate the little heads with miniature seasonal touches crafted with paper, scissors and colored pens: festive red ribbon bows for Christmas, itty bitty green laurel leaf wreaths for Spring, tiny dark sunglasses for Summer...you get the idea. Yes, all too cute by half.

On it went with the commenting heads and frivolously odd costuming. Chris and George laughed and laughed, wondering if other people would laugh too. And not just at them.


Bingo, the concept arrived almost fully formed. “Say,” they cried out, oddly in unison, “why don’t we put on a show out in the old barn!”

The idea for BigRockHeads (BRH) was born. Conceived as a traditional 4-panel newspaper comic strip, BRH quickly morphed into an online project. They got to work. George wrote the scripts, Chris created the art.

At first, because of their generational handicap, they thought primarily of a printed comic strip. But as newspapers were shrinking, even dying, they discovered a whole bunch of other comic strips being published online. Some were self-sufficient. Some were even making money. Money is nice.

That old barn swiftly became this website.

The idea is to continue creating and publishing new BRH comic strips on a regular basis.


We start with the launch of the site on February 7, 2011 [which happens to be the birthday of site designer Brad Messer -- see his BudgetBizSites button at page-bottom].

Then, new BRH strips appear daily through February 18, 2011.

From there the strip goes to a weekly schedule, with a new one appearing every Monday.

We hope to accelerate the schedule of strip production as the process gets more and more streamlined. In time, BRH will mature into a 5-day-a-week daily strip, adding Saturday publication with perhaps even an expanded 8-panel Sunday edition.

We include here every strip drawn from the very start, so folks can see the evolution from black and white to color, as well as the refinement of style and character.

We’re just at the beginning, and things are evolving from the primitive. We still think the strip would work in newspaper syndication (hello King Features, Creators, etc) or even another online venue (hello Huffington Post, The Daily, Ongo, etc.), and are pursuing those alternatives.

There is a BigRockHeads.com Facebook page, and we are working to establish both a Twitter link and arrange for RSS feeds to alert fans when new strips get published or there is other news to share.

We hope you enjoy our work and that you will email us at authors@bigrockheads.com with your comments and suggestions for the site, as well as add your address to The Official BRH Email List. We hope to offer BRH merchandise as demand swells (T-shirts, ball caps, coffee mugs, print collections anyone?). Your feedback is welcomed!



George K. Wilson, Writer

Professional Actor and Writer. As actor, he has appeared in or voiced numerous TV and radio commercials, was a founding member of Broadway Local, the improvisational comedy group, performed stand-up at New York comedy clubs, was seen in various soap roles on The Doctors, One Life to Live, and All My Children, was a lead in the worst film festival classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, voiced a character on The Cosby Show, and has narrated over 100 audio books. He is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts/West.

As writer, he spent over 10 years in radio as newscaster and journalist serving with American Forces Radio and Television and later working in radio at KTAC-Tacoma, KGB -San Diego, and KMET-Los Angeles. He co-founded Soundbites, Inc., scripting and performing in over 500 news satire pieces for National Public Radio, syndicated nationally to all public radio, and winning a Corporation for Public Broadcasting National Gold Award for “Excellence in Public Affairs.” He also currently freelances for the The Columbia Paper http://www.columbiapaper.com/ of Columbia County, New York.

Christine Piattelli, Artist

She is a professional librarian, supervising the Children’s Department at John C. Hart Memorial Library in Shrub Oak, New York where she coordinates over 400 reading and activity programs each year designed for kids from toddlers to teens. She is a graduate of Bates College and received her Master of Library Science from State University of New York, Albany.

Chris has been drawing since she was a child, and has made numerous sketches, portraits, still-life arrangements and landscapes. She creates freehand all the characters, backgrounds, and images that appear in the BigRockHeads comic strip, executes the layout and coloration, and is Artistic Director.



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